• Sun. Oct 24th, 2021
    • Introduction: In this project we use two DPDT Switch for controlling motor direction. By using this switch we can control DC Motor foreword and reverse direction. We also use two wheel one caster wheel and Card board for body and use some wire and battery for power supply.
    • Materials:
      • 300 rpm DC geared motor – 4
      • 7 cm diameter plastic wheel – 4
      • metal chassis (robot body)
      • 3 m rainbow wire
      • 12 v DC battery
      • Double pole double throw switch (DPDT) -2
      • DPDT Switch Box
    • Tools:
      • Soldering iron
      • Hacksaw/blade
      • Screwdriver
      • Multi meter
      • Pliers
      • Wire stripper
      • Spanner
      • Hammer
    • How to make:

    Mechanical Assembly

    Motor Connection

    Differential Drive: Here we will be using the differential drive or four wheel drive to control our robot. In which we will be driving all the four motors simultaneously to achieve all the basic four controls(forward, reverse, left and right). With a special case for left and right (arc left and arc right). we will discuss about this in detail later. regarding the motor connection, we have to couple the two motors on either side of the chassis. For this, consider the two motors on left side. power it using battery and find out the two terminals to which + and – terminals of battery is connected such that the motor rotates (say clockwise direction) similarly do it for other motor and make a note of the connection. now connect two terminals to which +ve terminal of battery was connected and two other terminals to which -ve terminal of battery was connected, and now we have only two terminals on either side. upon providing supply using battery, motors in one side rotate in same direction. Perform the similar setup for the other two motors on right side of the chassis. You are done with motor connection.

    DPDT Switch Connection

    Since we are now familiar with how the DPDT switch works, we will now proceed with how to connect this switch in order to do our manual robot ! as we know the DPDT switch has 6 terminals. The pins gets connected in a way as shown in the figure depending upon the way it is pressed. In order to control the motor both ways(clockwise and anti-clockwise) we need this switch. The center terminal of the switch is connected to battery while the extreme terminal goes to motor as shown in the figure. This is done for one side! Perform another similar connection for the other side motor.

    Overall Connection

    Switch Control

    And Here You Go….

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